Services we offer

The Plastic Card is a convenient and essential tool that promotes product identity, reinforces brand loyalty and can securely link users to your systems.

A wide range of Services are available to meet your needs.

- Complete Graphic Design and Digital Prepress
- High quality UV Offset printing
- Magnetic Stripe
- Bar Coding
- Scratch Off Panels
- Numbering
- Thermal Printing
- UV Coating
- Signature Panels
- Gift card printing
- I.D. Cards

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Gift & Loyalty Software program

The gift & loyalty program is designed for independent retailers, merchants, and small business owners to increase sales, improve customer retention, reduce transactional cost and create new customers using the latest internet technologies and successful marketing know-how.

Benefits to the merchant:
Customer retention while offering rewards and incentives to your dedicated customer base.
Study shows that gift card holders typically spend more than the value of the card itself.
Purchases made with a gift card are 20% - 50% higher than an average purchase.
Gift card eliminate cash refunds, the unused value is retained on the card.

What do we offer:
A program designed to allow the merchant, the ability to offer special incentives in the form of redeemable discounts based on specific purchasing or spending patterns.

Dollar value discount
Example: The merchant can setup a promotion to give discounts on all or selected products during a particular season.

Earn points
Example: The customer earns points on the purchase of any product based on the dollar to point value ration setup by the merchant

Points multiplier
Example: The customer earns 1.5 or 2.0 times (setup by the merchant) the total points earned per visit.

Gift card
Example: The customer can purchase $10, $25, $50 gift card from the merchant. The customer can use this gift card instead of cash or credit card. The card value can be reloaded on the gift card.

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